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Apply: For admission through (JEES) seat in Engineering, B Pharma, B Sc Nursing & Para Medical, Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry, Hotel Management, BBA, MBA, etc. for 2021-22 session. Contact or write to us for detail admission procedure.

Alpine Concern is a one stop shop for career seekers and a solution provider to all aspiring and educated students and professionals, by making them aware of their true calling and opening a world of opportunities where they are credited and rewarded according to their potentials, capabilities, talent and expertise in different fields. The North-East States of India is reeling under severe unemployment crunch with the government clueless about what to do with this gigantic growing problem. And even though the North-East states ranks among the top 10 with regard to literacy and educational output in the country, the employment opportunities are very limited and fiercely competitive thereby leaving in its wake a large number of educated, qualified and highly productive individuals looking for a way out and ready to prove their worth. The economic boom and the many job opportunities in the aviation industry, tourism and hospitality sectors, media and IT industries, varied career enhancing institutions, etc, have come as a bountiful blessing to these qualified people looking for solutions to their endless unemployment problems. Alpine Concern, acts as the pointer and the door to these aspiring individuals by offering them options and guidance, so that they undergo training and choose the field they are qualified for, whereby they not only realize their true potential but they are also able to give their best and maximum output. People from the NE look more like the Japanese/Koreans than the mainland Indians and their cultural ethics makes them socially more interactive and more outgoing and easily adaptive and adjustable with other communities. By harnessing these almost made-to-order talented individuals in the various sectors where interactive and communicative skills, hard work and travel, different work hours, etc, are required, the concerned sectors are also benefited. In order not to miss the enormous potential lying in the NE, which is being gradually opened to the world, and to tap the talents, Alpine Concern is focusing mainly on the NE with the objective to provide, guide, counsel, train and highlight the manifold employment avenues available in the different sectors besides the government institutions on which they solely depend.

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