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Service Policy

Terms and Conditions


  • Registration fee of Rs. 250/- is applicable.
  • The application fee is a monetary payment for registering and processing the candidature and it must be submitted along with the prescribed format only. The fee is non-refundable even if an application is either rejected or enrollment is canceled.
  • If a student fills the prescribed form and pays the required fee, the application will be considered as registered.
  • In case the candidature is withdrawn at any given point of time, the fees will not be refunded.
  • A candidate after registering, if desires to withdraw his/her candidature or does not wish to seat for the examination, the fee paid shall stand forfeited.
  • All application forms will be submitted in prescribed format to the office directly, who would duly acknowledge the receipt of such application by recording the submission.
  • The registration of a candidate is liable to be canceled at any time, on being found ineligible or unfit, or of using fraudulent means for securing registration or otherwise, or if any of the statements made by him/her is found false or incorrect or otherwise and the conducting authority shall have the right to take such other disciplinary action and/or penalty against such a candidate. In such a case, the fee deposited by the candidate shall be forfeited.
  • Candidates can pay the application fee by major credit card when filling out the online application form. Applicants must be sure to follow the payment instructions given. For any transactional error or fault, Alpine Concern will not be held accountable.
  • Applicants will get a payment receipt from the office counter in person. Acknowledgment of payment received could be emailed for record.
  • No shipping or posting will be entertained in this category.