Alpine Kitchen

Alpine Kitchen


How Chefs are Invited to Cook at the Alpine Kitchen
Alpine Kitchen is a multi-cuisine kitchen initiated by Alpine Concern to provide, nurture, and honor chefs in making the local and traditional cuisine more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone. We invite chefs to apply for a kitchen unit at Alpine Kitchen and prepare your authentic and unique dishes for the food lovers.

Chef Selection.
Recommendations for potential chefs can come from various sources: chefs, staff, volunteer, well-wishers, or other interested parties.

Chefs are invited by Alpine Kitchen based on the following criteria:
  • both amateur and trained chefs are invited
  • national or regional reputation, as evidenced by experience or resume
  • seasonal, and/or local ingredients
  • demonstrated excellence in a particular discipline: e.g. regional, ethnic
  • desire to be part of chef and restaurant
  • level of interest to exhibit professionalism and to develop and promote the food culture to our clients/customers
  • submission of the complete proposal, including menu

  • Final selection is based on:
  • a thorough review of proposed resume & menu
  • consideration of schedule to ensure diversity and variation in the menu
  • consideration of holiday or theme events that may be appropriate
  • judgment based on historical trends, and professional expertise
  • The Chef Selection Committee
    The committee is comprised of professionals from food and restaurant enthusiasts who represent Alpine Kitchen voluntarily. The Committee meets monthly to recommend chefs and events to the Director of Alpine Concern. Their participation broadens the universe of qualifying chefs, provides outside perspective and various areas of expertise and knowledge to the chef selection process, and creates a forum for discussion and exchange of travel and dining experiences as it relates to the in-house events.

    Criteria for committee membership are:
  • recommendation by a current committee member, Alpine Concern's staff member, and associates
  • experience with, interest in, and enthusiasm for the culinary arts and restaurant dining
  • working knowledge of wine and beverages
  • demonstrated ability to judge restaurant and chef-quality
  • public speaking ability
  • Cooking at Alpine Kitchen
    Once you’ve been invited to cook at Alpine Kitchen and you have agreed on the date and time for your cooking, you will receive information via email that contains everything you need to know about what is expected of you and how the logistics of the event will unfold. We are very much aware of the time and expenses involved in coming to cook, and so we try to make everyone’s experience as smooth and successful as possible. We would be grateful for your support.

    Alpine kitchen starts at 7:00 am, with 3 hours duration for the breakfast menu. Guests enter the kitchen to meet YOU and your team through the reception and then proceed to the sitting area or to the fine dining restaurant which is on the other side of the reception. After the Guests are seated the representative of Alpine Kitchen welcomes them with complimentary snacks. The lunch menu will commence from 10:00 am and continue till 3:00 pm. The dinner service begins at 3:00 pm. And the last order in the kitchen will be 8:00 pm.

    Kitchen Equipment
    We are proud to welcome you to Alpine Kitchen, which has had support from Alpine Concern to make it the best use of space for your needs. We are confident that first-time chefs will have a wonderful experience and returning chefs will be pleasantly surprised. All kitchen equipment will be provided and made available for the chefs. The chef could decide to purchase the items by themselves or use the available stock at the kitchen’s own store.

    Kitchen Staff & Volunteers
    Usually, four to six kitchen staff members are needed at the time of service. It is optimal to have as many of the kitchen staff as possible, but we realize that this is not always feasible. In the spirit of education, we intend to work closely with local culinary schools to provide chefs with both students and graduate volunteers. We also have a roster of dedicated in-house volunteers for the daily service.

    Food Suppliers
    Although the main purpose of Alpine Kitchen is to showcase the local talents and provide delicious and healthy foods to the customers, it also helps our mission to support, promote, and honor chefs and other food enthusiasts to make food culture more diverse and sustainable for everyone. Foods such as yours are an important source of revenue for Alpine Concern's various projects. You are responsible for procuring the food and other items for your kitchen. We have our own-house Purveyors for your convenience and we encourage you to buy from them. We hope that you will explore this possibility to support all-round development and growth.